Miss Amy: The Pre-3s Teacher Everyone is Looking for!

by Katharine, mom of Henry (Pre-3’s)

When one is a parent in the Pre-3s class, a frequent question is posited no matter what room one is working in, “Where is Miss Amy?” This is in no way reflective of a nefarious habit of hiding by Miss Amy but rather a sign of her popularity and her work each day to connect one-on-one with as many of her students as possible. As she circulates through the rooms, invariably, one or two children transitioning from one task to another start wondering what fun Miss Amy might be up to. Perhaps in revenge for fielding this question all year, I thought it was time to sit down with Miss Amy and ask her a few questions.


Teacher Amy, Alice and CameronHow did you start working as our Pre-3s’ teacher?

Miss Amy: I had been home for five years with my girls and I decided that it was time to go back to work. I knew just what I wanted to do. I had saved every calendar from their years at co-operative preschool because this is what I wanted to do. I came to Sandhurst six years ago and I’ve been teaching the Pre-3s ever since.


What are your favorite things about being our Pre-3s’ teacher?

Miss Amy: Playing! I love doing art with the kids and I love circle time. I love little conversations with the kids and how funny they can be.


What brings you back year after year?

Miss Amy: I have found my calling. I love working with little kids and I love the co-op model. Sandhurst is in my neighborhood and in my community. And now, I am getting repeat parents and it is a joy to work with these families again.


Miss Amy, Ella, Gus, Nora L.What are the things that surprise you about being our Pre-3s’ teacher?

Miss Amy: I know it happens every year but I am always surprised and amazed by the empathy that little people have and how young they show it to each other.


What excites you about taking over Sandhurst’s toddler class?

Miss Amy: I am excited about working with a new age group. Each age is different and I’m looking forward to sharing new developmental milestones with the kids. I’m also excited to have the opportunity to work with kids for two years in a row and being able to offer that continuity to the kids and their families. I am really looking forward to getting to know kids really well over two years.


How do you think working with the toddler class will be different than Pre-3s?

Miss Amy: I think it will be very different because each parent attends each week. It will also be fun to see the developmental stages of toddlers.


SnakesWhat do you do outside of school?

Miss Amy: Outside of school I am a professional carpooler. I attend multiple sporting events (where her girls compete). I like to golf and go to the gym.


If you could pick a celebrity to bring their children to Sandhurst, who would you pick?

Miss Amy: Jimmy Fallon and his wife because I’m a huge fan of his comedy.