by Laura (Pre-3’s parent)

AmyKelsey2015Here is an interview with our very own Miss Amy, who has been teaching at Sandhurst for the last 8 years!

Me: We’re glad you’re here! How did you end up teaching at Sandhurst? What did your pre-Sandhurst life look like?


Miss Amy: I was a working parent at Starbucks Corporate Offices with a daughter in daycare for 2 years. When my second came along, I decided to work only from home 🙂


Me: Are you originally from Seattle?


Miss Amy: Yes! Both my husband and I were born and raised in Seattle.  I grew up in Kenmore and went to Inglemoor High School.  My parents still live in my childhood home.


Me: What did you most enjoy about participating in co-op with your own kids?


Miss Amy: I absolutely love the community. We made some of our best family friends 13 years ago in our co-op classes.  I also enjoyed being able to share one day a week with my children.  It goes by so quickly… and you can never have those experiences back.


Me: It’s 2009 and you are about to start your first year teaching preschool. What’s one piece of advice you wish you could give yourself?


Miss Amy: Take a deep breath and relax. The most important audience is the children – and the parents will realize that if their children are happy then all is good!


Me: What are your favorite things about teaching preschool?


Miss Amy: I love watching children explore.  Some kiddos take their time making it from room to room. Others hit the ground running.  Either way is wonderful, and it is amazing to be a part of their journey. I also love singing silly songs with them.  The joke in my house is that I am tone deaf! Luckily, my critical audience is between the ages of 2-3 and they love to sing along with me despite my off key notes 🙂. Finally, it is an absolutely unexpected reward and a delight that I also live in our Sandhurst community. It is so fun to see kiddos outside of class, and to get to see them for years after they have moved on from my class.


Me: What developmental leaps have you most enjoyed witnessing in your Pre-3s classes?


Miss Amy: I love watching children become more comfortable and confident playing and attending school away from their loved ones. It makes me feel great to know that they are happy and secure at school.  I also like the second half of the year when kiddos start to make friends and engage with others in imaginary play.


Me: Now for the really important stuff… Cats or Dogs?
Miss Amy: Absolutely dogs, and unfortunately cats make me very itchy!  We have a labradoodle named Lola and we LOVE her!


Me: Sand or Snow?


Miss Amy: Snow!  I took a year off after I graduated from college and lived in Sun Valley Idaho where I skied 110 days!


Me: City or Country?


Miss Amy: City – with easy access to the mountains and water!

Me: Let’s talk about a few of your favorite things….

  • Favorite room at Sandhurst? The block room
  • Favorite sport (to watch or play)? Soccer and Swimming (especially my daughters)
  • Favorite holiday? Is Summer Break a holiday!?!?
  • Favorite food?  Thai or Vietnamese
  • Favorite movie?  I’m not really a movie gal, I maybe watch 2 a year and never the same one twice.  I can’t sit still that long.
  • Favorite band?  Right now I’m on a big U2 kick.  I just got an early Mother’s Day present from my hubby and we are going to the concert on Mother’s Day!
  • Favorite place to go on vacation?  Vashon Island or any sort of ski vacation with my family and our amazing friends that we met in co-op 13 years ago.  We are going on 10 years of ski trips together with our kiddos!


Me: Surprise! You have a free day to yourself (no work or family responsibilities). How do you spend it?


Miss Amy: I will sneak in an unexpected workout with a friend and if it’s sunny and warm go play 9 holes of golf.


Me: If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?


Miss Amy: To fly! I am in the throws of carpool 5 nights a week, and it sure would be nice to spend less time in my car from 5-9pm.