by Steven, Pre-3’s Parent

The world is changing at an ever increasing rate and it makes it hard to predict what the future will be like in 5 years let alone 20 or 50. What will happen to our families, our society, and the myriad cultures that make up the world we live in?

Although it is hard to predict the future we can look at current societal trends that can give us a broad idea of the direction the world is going in. Automation, which has been making our economy more efficient, also makes many of the jobs that exist now obsolete. As more and more jobs disappear, a growing anxiety sets in among the people that they will be unable to be productive in the future economy. Unable to feed themselves and their families.

One argument that is more positive about the future, is that jobs are being created in the new economy that we have never heard of and this will provide the citizens with plenty of jobs. Another idea is for governments to pay their citizens a living wage. This will pay each citizen a wage that will enable them to live comfortably by just collecting a check from the state. While this may this may appear to be the ultimate manifestation of the nanny state, it is accepted  by governments all over the world as an inevitable outcome in order to prevent throngs of rioters and looters that will emerge from the massive amount of unemployment in the future.

In the end it is hard for me to really see through the murky cloud and into the future. I just worry and hope I can continue to survive in the unpredictable future and I hope that I can continue to create a positive and enriching environment for my children.