by K.C. (3-5’s parent)

I can’t believe it has been 7 years since we enrolled our first child at Sandhurst.  This June we will say goodbye to this dear school – but we will forever remain a part of the community that embraced us in these first precious years of school for our two children.

Some of the things I value most about my experience are the invaluable peer and parent education support, bearing witness to the magic of play as it develops and expands in a child’s mind, interacting with students other than my own children and seeing them develop as months and years advance, sharing parenting hacks and resources, gaining knowledge as both a parent and a member of a community, and spending regular dedicated time with each of my children without the interference of work, devices or chores.

The list could go on and on, but knowing that if you have read this far, I only have your attention for a little while longer!  Here are a few highlights that come to mind as I reflect on the value of our participation in the Sandhurst community.

  • It was at co-op where my children first experienced being dropped off within a community of peers and caring adults.
  • It was at co-op where we were introduced to so many amazing songs and stories brought to us by their nurturing and talented preschool teachers.
  • It was at co-op where we invested our time and energy into improving and maintaining a facility for all to thrive in and enjoy.
  • It was at co-op where my children first thought their teachers lived at school.
  • It was at co-op where I connected with other moms who had also experienced and grieved a miscarriage.
  • It was at co-op where 10 months later our newborn baby girl was welcomed by her brother’s 3-5’s class – and the network of parents provided nutritious meals for us as we transitioned into being a family of 4.
  • It was at co-op where my son got “married” at View Ridge Park to a classmate, and a parent caught it on video.
  • It was at co-op where we participated in our first song night.
  • It was at co-op where my daughter met a best friend – now finishing up their 4th year together, and no doubt creating a bond for life.
  • It was at co-op where I met some of my best friends – friendships I hope to maintain for many years to come.
  • It was at co-op where my children where introduced to problem solving with peers.
  • It was at co-op where my children first learned to take their dishes to the sink.
  • It was at co-op where my children let their imaginations run wild.
  • It was at co-op where I learned and put into practice parenting tips that have improved our family life.

Sandhurst Co-op is treasure, and I hope others have gained as much from it as we have. I hope that it continues for many years to come to be a place where people can gather together, contribute their time and energy, and in doing so provide space for families to grow up together and support each other.

Why did your family choose co-op?
Here are a few responses from some fellow co-op parents. If you would like us to add your response to our blog, let us know!

We’ve tried a lot of different types of preschools and co op is the one setting where our children are most happy and at peace. Our children are very comfortable in the co op environment which allows them to be their most creative selves and be open to learning. We can’t wait for our third child to start co op this Fall!
– Kelli (3-5’s parent)

I met my village at Sandhurst!

– Janna (3-5’s parent)


I chose Co-op because I want my kids to feel a part of something bigger than themselves, to know that their village extends beyond our home. I want them to learn how to interact with kindness and respect with both kids and adults outside our family. It is my hope they always see themselves as part of a larger community – and we have certainly found that at co-op.
– Chelsea (3-5’s parent)