Sandhurst Co-op seeks to provide an opportunity for children to learn, through play, about themselves, their physical world, and how to interact socially with peers and adults. We offer three age-based classes, and mirror the Seattle Public Schools calendar, starting in September and ending in late May.

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Preschool provides time for children to develop:

  • Emotional skills
  • Communication skills
  • Creative skills
  • Physical skills
  • Self-help skills

Children are naturally curious about things that interest them. We provide developmentally appropriate activities in the following areas so they can practice:

  • Art
  • Blocks
  • Snack
  • Dramatic play
  • Large motor
  • Manipulatives
  • Literacy
  • Emotional and social coaching

As part of our program, parents work with the teacher and parent educator to enhance the experience of every child. Adults in our program:

  • Value children’s play and learning
  • Create a safe environment to practice skills
  • Provide positive role-modeling

We emphasize process over product and believe that learning skills take practice and patience. As a community, we all learn together.