Sandhurst Co-op Fundraising Opportunities

Sandhurst Co-op’s fundraising program is a part of our annual budgeted revenue that supports the PAC Scholarship Fund and helps keeps tuition affordable for all members.

Spring 2024

  • Flower Power Spring Sale includes not only beautiful flowers, but also:  tomatoes, strawberries, radish, lettuce, onions, cucumbers, peppers, herbs and microgreens!  Shop our online storefront here and ship direct to you and yours. 50% of all purchases come back to us. 



  • Minted – Use promo code FUNDRAISESANDHURSTCOOP to receive 20% off all Minted items from and 15% of net sales from each purchase will be donated back to the school. It’s not just holiday cards, but art, totes, kids’ backpacks, and more!
  • Flower Power-Order bulbs and seeds and 50% of cost will be donated to our school.  Different selections for different seasons!
  • Smith Brothers Farms – Sign up for Smith Brothers Farms home delivery and input our code- SANDHURST – get $15 off your first order, while $50 will come to us.  
  • Sandhurst Shop – Show Sandhurst pride by wearing clothes from the Sandhurst Shop.  $2-$4 per item will go to supporting our preschool and can count towards your fundraising goal.
  • Sneaker Recycling– bring your old sneakers into the co-op and our school will be credited on a sliding scale based on the condition, easy!

Support Sandhurst with a Tax-Deductible Donation

  • Make a direct donation to Sandhurst Co-op! Your dollars go a long way to help support and improve our school. You can submit a check to your class treasurer, or mail directly to the school. Be sure to check if you or your spouse’s employer has a matching gift program for direct donations and/or volunteer hours.

You do not need to be a member of the school to participate. All are welcome! Please save copies of receipts to receive school fundraising credit.

For more information, please contact