Summer Bucket List

by Jackie (Toddler Parent) Since summer is finally upon us and we have all been stuck inside for … way too long to even want to mention, I like to come up with a list of things I want to do with the kids over the summer. My older one has year round school and camps so, it’s mostly weekend… Read more →

More Food…

by Jackie (Toddler parent) Apparently, I like eating. I write about what to feed our kids, what restaurants are kid friendly… I eat 95% of my kid’s snack at coop (no shame). Back in my free wheelin days, I had a food blog called Jackie’s Corner Table. It doesn’t exist anymore, which is good because, for some (obvious) reason, it… Read more →

Foods I Loved as a Kid

by Amy (3-5’s parent) When I’m feeling baffled about my childrens’ eating habits, I find it helpful to revisit my own childhood food preferences.  While this comic is premiering in the Sandhurst newsletter (!) it will be published (alongside other food-related comics by local artists) in a compilation by Fantagraphics in association with National Bookstore Day in April. Read more →

Summer with the Littles

by Laura (Pre-3s parent) Now that spring has sprung, summer is right around the corner! As the parent of a newly minted THREEnager, this is the first year I’ve given serious thought to structured summer activities. After weighing the danger of over-scheduling against the likelihood of my 3 year old and 10 month old driving each other (and ME) crazy… Read more →

Feeding the Kids

By Jackie (Toddlers parent) Do anyone else’s kids ask for noodles every meal of everyday? Anyone else have kids that scream that they don’t want eggs and then end up eating 5 scrambled eggs between the two of them? I used to pride myself on being a foodie, back in my days of being young, wild and free. That didn’t… Read more →