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Sandhurst Painting Project

This year, the All School Board invested some capital into giving our little school a face lift. About the project, spearheaded by our Vice Chair, Rachel (also an artist and Pre-3’s mom) wrote the following: “We have an amazing opportunity to paint all the walls, update lighting, furniture, the book nook, and the parent education room. With inspiration from our very own… Read more →

Fall in Our New Toddler’s Class

by Neely (Toddler’s Mom) Fall indoor toddler play is all about Sensory Bins! They are easy to make and can be swapped out frequently to keep your little one interested. Store bin items in a large zip-lock bag between swaps. My daughter loves to play in her sensory bin filled with 2-inch colorful straws. Her older brother hides his TOOB… Read more →

New Parent Educator

This year we have a new Parent Educator in our Toddlers class, Kristina Weidert. Here is a little bit about her in her own words: “Kristina recently left an elementary school position where she had been for 8 years to join the amazing parent education team at Sandhurst.  She also teaches a class at a homeless shelter in downtown Seattle.… Read more →

Pre-3s Update

Pre-3s are making so much progress!  They are problem solving and working out their issues without parents more often than not!  They are loving the “cooking snack” where they make their own snacks a few times a month. They’ve made avocado toast, sushi rolls and taco cups.  They’ve made great use of the climbing room during the cold, snowy and… Read more →

Cabin Fever

Some of us might have been caught off-guard by our first few inches of snow earlier this week (I know I was!) and bored kiddos have sent us searching for activities to keep them occupied for the next round that’s been forecast. Here are some great suggestions from our toddler’s class Parent Educator, Rebecca. She writes: When my guys were… Read more →

Let’s Sculpt!

Playdough is a Sandhurst Co-op favorite! Kids and adults alike love rolling, shaping & making memories with co-op friends around the playdough table. Making playdough at home is an inexpensive and fun activity for families. Here is a great playdough recipe to get rolling, shaping and making memories around your own kitchen table. Squishiest Playdough Pour 2 cups of flour into a bowl. Add 1/2 cup of… Read more →

The Neuro-Developmental Approach to Behaviors

by Betty Peralta, 3-5’s Parent Educator As our society takes in its newest research on the human brain, we are noticing the limitations and frustrations of using behaviorism (punishment and reward) to discipline our children. This new paradigm says that behaviors are a reflection of the way our children’s brains are functioning. A brain always responds to the environment exactly… Read more →

The Cooperative Preschool

by Steven (pre-3’s parent) Our first year at Sandhurst Co-op Preschool with our daughter Alana is coming to a close. It has been a great experience for both my daughter and my wife. Our family has begun to make a connection to the local community and the co-op school model has a lot to do with that. Sandhurst Co-op Preschool… Read more →