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A Trip to Leavenworth

by Steven, Pre-3’s parent For a short winter holiday my wife and I decided to take a trip with the two kids. We have two girls ages two years and 9 months and this was the first trip we have taken since the youngest was born. We ended up taking the trip to Leavenworth during the Martin Luther King holiday… Read more →

Tips for Airplane Travel with Toddlers

by Stephanie, Toddler parent Many families in our coop will be traveling by air throughout the year, so I thought I’d share some tips our family recommends when it comes to traveling with a toddler. We’ve flown both internationally (Lebanon, France) and domestically (Florida, New York) with our 28-month-old … and so far, we’ve made it there and back in… Read more →

Nonstop Christmas

by Steven, Pre-3’s parent As a child I remember Christmas as being a joyous and peaceful time, and while I am definitely enjoying this Christmas it has not been as quiet or peaceful as the Christmases I remember. Nonstop is the word I would us to describe the holidays with two young children. As a child I remember the tree,… Read more →

Earthquake Preparedness Kits

by Kathleen, 3-5’s parent As the year comes to an end, are New Year’s Resolutions on your mind? Maybe clean closets, healthy eating or more sleep are on your list? What about earthquake preparedness? It may seem like an overwhelming task but thankfully making a plan, getting the supplies and being safe are easy! Below are a few sites that… Read more →

Sandhurst Information Night – 2.7.2018

Sandhurst Co-op is hosting an Information Evening in February. If you know of someone looking for a great play-based co-op, pleased encourage them to attend! Wednesday, February 7th @ 7-8pm Hear about our programs (Toddlers, Pre-3 and 3-5’s) Meet our Teachers and Parent Coordinators Tour our School Registration details + more! Sandhurst Cooperative Preschool is an independent, non-profit entity run… Read more →

DIY Baby – Comfy Pack-n-Play

by Steven (Pre-3’s Parent) When our first child was born we bought all the obligatory baby stuff. We bought the high chair, the crib, the baby swing, and the bassinet. As our child grew bigger it became apparent that the bassinet was no longer going to be ideal when traveling with her. We realized we needed to take the next… Read more →