Meet Our Teachers

AmyKelsey2015Amy Kelsey, or Miss Amy as we call her, started her career as a pre-school teacher at Sandhurst Co-op in 2009 in our pre-3’s class. Starting in the fall of 2015, she will also be at the helm of our Toddlers class.  Amy was involved as a parent in the co-op system for seven years with her two daughters at Olympic Toddlers and University-Ravenna. She has also been a youth soccer coach here in NE Seattle.

Amy believes her primary role as a teacher is to provide a comfortable and creative environment where both children and parents can learn and grow as they separate in a school setting for the first time. Children love learning and exploring under Amy’s guidance, and she loves each minute she spends in class.

DSC_0994 copyThis Winter, we welcome Maddy Urdal as our new 3-5’s teacher. Maddy is thrilled and honored to move into the lead teaching position of our 3-5’s group. As a teaching assistant in the 3-5’s classroom for the last 4 years, and a parent to two Sandhurst graduates, Maddy has witnessed first hand the power and importance of play to the cognitive and social-emotional growth of children. Her curriculum features opportunities for hands-on learning, deep imaginative play, and lots of outdoor exploration. She finds inspiration in the passions and interests of her students, and is dedicated to fostering a fun, enriching, and creative classroom. Maddy loves the wonderful uniqueness of each student and considers creating a safe and loving space for all kids to be a top priority. Through neighborhood clean-up projects, field trips, and literature, Maddy hopes to inspire the seeds of stewardship and empathy for our little co-op family and the larger community in which we live.

Maddy was born and raised in Seattle and has a degree in History from Whitman College. She and her wife, along with their two girls, love living in the neighborhood, having impromptu family parties, walking the duck ponds at Magnuson, and escaping to the coast. Maddy is an avid reader, co-op junkie, and life long lover of live theater. Sharing her creativity and love with preschoolers is exactly where she hoped to be when she grew up.