Parent Education

As a part of the North Seattle College Cooperative Preschool Network, each of our classes is assigned a Parent Education Instructor by the NSC Child + Family Education Division to advise teachers and help parents build parenting skills.

Our parent educators:

  • Provide formal parent education for at least one hour each month at the monthly parent meeting.
  • Attend All School Board meetings and the business portion of the parent meetings, serving as a resource to the group regarding business and organizational concerns.
  • Participate in the classroom, working with children and parents as well as assisting the teacher.
  • Consult with and advises the teacher on classroom organization and curriculum.
  • Serve as a resource to individual parents regarding particular concerns.
  • Provide a liaison between parents, teacher, and NSC.
  • Assist on a teacher evaluation committee.


Meet our Parent Educators

Emily Bradley, Toddlers + Pre-3’s

Emily has been working with Sandhurst Co-op’s pe-3 for the last 2 years.  She has a background in Developmental Psychology and Parent Education.  She’s been working with North Seattle College for the duration of the time she’s been with Sandhurst.  Formerly, she worked in the greater Southern California area with parents and their little ones.  Emily also worked as a Cognitive Behavioral Training Specialist, working with families of children with special needs in the North Seattle area.  She believes in supporting parents and caregivers on their individual journeys and helping build community and common ground between families as we all work to raise our children in this modern village.

Emily is the mama of three and a half year old twin boys 🙂

Elizabeth Bird, 3-5’s

Elizabeth is a graduate of Pacific Oaks College with a Masters of Arts in Human Development with specializations in Parent Education and Early Childhood Education. During her career, she has worked with families in varying capacities: administrator of early learning programs, trainer, author, and parent educator. For the past 20 years, Elizabeth has taught Parent Education classes at North Seattle College.

Since 2001, Elizabeth has been a member of the Sandhurst Cooperative Preschool Community and had the good fortune to work with the 3-5’s teacher, Suzanne Sumi and parents, who share her educational philosophy.  She believes her primary role is to offer support and knowledge of child development to the parents and teacher she works with through an experiential based educational program that fosters healthy relationships.

In addition to loving her work with families, Elizabeth enjoys traveling, reading, wine tasting and spending time with her family.