Foods I Loved as a Kid

by Amy (3-5’s parent) When I’m feeling baffled about my childrens’ eating habits, I find it helpful to revisit my own childhood food preferences.  While this comic is premiering in the Sandhurst newsletter (!) it will be published (alongside other […]

Summer with the Littles

by Laura (Pre-3s parent) Now that spring has sprung, summer is right around the corner! As the parent of a newly minted THREEnager, this is the first year I’ve given serious thought to structured summer activities. After weighing the danger […]

Diaper Mountain

by Amy (3-5’s parent) Artist and 3-5’s parent Amy Camber contributes her monthly parenting-inspired comic for our February Newsletter! Here is one about saying goodbye to Mount Diaper, but hanging on to something too.

Items Needed for Each & Every Car Ride

by Amy (3-5’s parent) A new addition to our monthly posts!  Artist and 3-5’s parent Amy Camber will be contributing a parenting-inspired comic for us to enjoy! Here is an older one, from a series inspired by this past summer […]

Board Games for Gamers

by Jackie (Toddlers parent) My Father-in-law worked for Hasbro for 40 years. To say my husband’s family is into games would be a bit of an understatement. They not only own every game out there (and some test games that […]

Holiday Fun for Little Ones

by Laura, (Pre-3’s parent) Season’s Greetings! Here are a few holiday outings guaranteed to put a smile on both little and big faces… “Candy Cane Lane”– With lights, music and moving objects, this curved row of more than 20 adorably […]

We’re Singing In the Rain

by Laura, Pre-3’s parent Don’t let the rain put an end to your outdoor fun! Here are a few tips to keep your little ones warm and dry on all of their adventures… Rain Suits For the littlest explorers, it’s […]

Eating Out with Kids in Tow

by Jackie, Toddler’s parent We are always looking for places we can go out to eat with our kids that are enjoyable for everyone. We want places that cater to them and us. We want good food, a good atmosphere […]

Helloooo Summer

by Regina (3-5’s Parent) No more pencils, no more books…now what? Here’s a guide to keep you all busy this summer! Keeping cool: spray parks, wading pools and beaches! Ballard Commons Park: 750 S. Homer St. Seattle, WA 98108 Lake […]