by Steven (Pre-3’s Parent)

When our first child was born we bought all the obligatory baby stuff. We bought the high chair, the crib, the baby swing, and the bassinet.

As our child grew bigger it became apparent that the bassinet was no longer going to be ideal when traveling with her. We realized we needed to take the next step and so we bought the Pack-n-Play.

The Pack-n-Play is a large foldable crib that is a godsend for parents that are traveling with young ones. As I put it together I admired the ingenuity that went into the engineering of this piece of portable furniture. What I didn’t admire about the Pack and play was the cheap piece of plastic my baby was supposed to sleep on inside of the Pack & Play.

I knew there had to be a solution and so I began to scour the internet for a product to make the Pack-n-Play a more comfortable crib. I could not find anything that I liked and that’s when I considered doing something myself to make the Pack-n-Play more comfortable.

I continued to search for ideas on how to make the pack and play more comfortable and that’s when I stumbled on this website. The website shows you how to take cheap foam and how to measure it and cut it out to fit it in your Pack-n-Play.

The next weekend I went to Walmart, and I found a queen size foam topper for 30 bucks. This turned out to be overkill. I measured the dimensions of the inside of the Pack-n-Play and was then able to trace 4 squares and cut them out of the queen size memory foam topper. I stacked all four squares of the memory foam topper inside of the Pack-n-Play and now had a baby mattress that rivaled the one on our own bed.

I am not a particularly handy person but I really enjoyed this little project for my daughter and would gladly undertake more DIY baby and kid projects should the need arise in the future.