Some of us might have been caught off-guard by our first few inches of snow earlier this week (I know I was!) and bored kiddos have sent us searching for activities to keep them occupied for the next round that’s been forecast. Here are some great suggestions from our toddler’s class Parent Educator, Rebecca. She writes:

When my guys were little, we made Maple Syrup Candy and snow cones by making a flavored simple sugar syrup and pouring it over snow. We also brought snow inside and filled a bin (or the tub) and played with cars, trucks, and animals for a snow sensory table.

Here are a few more Indoor Snow Inspired Activities. The snow painting looks pretty fun for inside or outside, especially if you have spray bottles. What kid doesn’t love a spray bottle! When cabin fever strikes, I still make my boys run obstacle courses in the house, and pillow forts and pillow fights never grow old. Musical Chairs, Hide and Seek with a stuffie, dance parties, and making playdough, slime, or goop (not the Gwenyth Paltrow variety) can make a long afternoon seem a little less long.

This article about Snow Burpees and other creative ideas for getting physical outside has some pretty inspired activities. I love the snow soccer with the giant fit balls a number of you probably spent a lot of time bouncing your baby on (or was that just me?).

Whenever there is a stretch of time that seems like it is never going to end, like being snow stuck at home for days, I try to remind myself that this is it, this is the snow storm of 2019 when my boys are 7 and 11. We will never have this snow storm again. That helps me to recognize that it is precious AND it will pass. Being able to hold those two thoughts at once help me to dig in a little deeper and pack my umpteenth snow ball.

Stay safe and warm!