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The Cooperative Preschool

by Steven (pre-3’s parent) Our first year at Sandhurst Co-op Preschool with our daughter Alana is coming to a close. It has been a great experience for both my daughter and my wife. Our family has begun to make a connection to the local community and the co-op school model has a lot to do with that. Sandhurst Co-op Preschool… Read more →

Goodbye Sandhurst

by Elizabeth (3-5’s parent) I feel sad as the end of the co-op year nears, and for us the end of our time at co-op as the third of our co-op-educated kids moves on. As the year draws to a close, we have become relaxed and comfortable with each other, the kids know each other well, and the adults know… Read more →

Welcome Teacher Vickie!

Sandhurst Cooperative Preschool is thrilled to announce the hiring of Vickie Lovina.  Teacher Vickie will take on the lead teaching role for our 3-5’s program in September of 2018. She comes to Sandhurst with a breadth of experience in early childhood education, a respect and enthusiasm for learning through play, and holds value in the importance of community as a key… Read more →

Why I Co-op

by K.C. (3-5’s parent) I can’t believe it has been 7 years since we enrolled our first child at Sandhurst.  This June we will say goodbye to this dear school – but we will forever remain a part of the community that embraced us in these first precious years of school for our two children. Some of the things I… Read more →

Sandhurst Information Night – 2.7.2018

Sandhurst Co-op is hosting an Information Evening in February. If you know of someone looking for a great play-based co-op, pleased encourage them to attend! Wednesday, February 7th @ 7-8pm Hear about our programs (Toddlers, Pre-3 and 3-5’s) Meet our Teachers and Parent Coordinators Tour our School Registration details + more! Sandhurst Cooperative Preschool is an independent, non-profit entity run… Read more →

An Interview with Miss Amy

by Laura (Pre-3’s parent) Here is an interview with our very own Miss Amy, who has been teaching at Sandhurst for the last 8 years! Me: We’re glad you’re here! How did you end up teaching at Sandhurst? What did your pre-Sandhurst life look like?   Miss Amy: I was a working parent at Starbucks Corporate Offices with a daughter… Read more →

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Make Art

by Katie, 3-5’s parent Every day in our 3 to 5’s class our children enter a space brimming with possibilities for play. They can build, create, pretend, paint or read and, last year, my son Henry loved doing all these things….except maybe paint. Ok, actually almost never paint. Or draw or glue or do anything involving the word “craft.” Throughout… Read more →